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Fly with S.B.X. knowing that you will be encouraged to be involved from the moment you walk on the field until the conclusion of the flight.  Don’t just take a flight, become part of our crew for a first-hand Sport Ballooning Xperience.


Our mission at S.B.X. is to share the fun and magic of ballooning with those who have dreamt of flying in a balloon and for those who are looking to gain first-hand knowledge of the sport by providing them with a hands-on Xperience.  We hope to give our new found friends a greater appreciation of our sport and encourage them to become involved as a spectator, crew member or pilot.


We fly from Gilbertsville, PA (New Hanover Township) in western Montgomery County. This location is convenient to Boyertown, Pottstown, Reading, the Lehigh Valley, Quakertown, Lansdale, and the route 422 corridor. Future plans are to expand our flight areas to Lancaster & Berks Counties.


Our crew and pilots help you understand and perform most normal operations to prepare for, accomplish, and conclude a flight.  These will include assembling the balloon system, inflating the balloon, boarding the aircraft, understanding the flight controls, landing procedures, land owner relations and packing away the balloon system.  Other points that might be covered are a brief history of the beginning of ballooning and the traditional toast most balloonists hold at the completion of a flight.


What if you are not physically able to become fully involved?  Our crew and pilots are capable of handling all tasks by themselves – but never turn down a helping hand.


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